Fallout: Storm Raising
Setting: South Western United States
Time: 2276 – 2277
Background: While not a paradise before The Great War Nevada has devolved into a ragtag society based on day to day survival. Tensions are running high in wasteland recently. The New California Republics (NCR) long standing occupation of Nevada maybe coming to a head with scouts from Cesear’s Legions spotted on the border with Arizona. The lights of New Vegas shine bright in the arid night as bands of cutthroats, thief’s, cheats, and all manners of degenerates roam just outsides its high walls. Small towns and settlements are groaning and cracking under the weight of the conflict to come. At the center of this decaying land lies a gray monster begging all to come and try to steal its treasure. For ten years, the NCR has shackled this beast known as the Hoover Dam. Pre-War in powered the homes of millions of people and powered the hunger for energy its people were dying to fill.
You and your group are starting in the old well town of Good Springs, a town that no one cared about before the war and even few care for now. You can drown your sorrows in the saloon or well that’s about all you can do in Good Springs. A small piece of debris in the raging winds to come this town in where you start your story. Will you leave an impact on the region or blaze your own path? Can you unite the shattered remains of humanity or will you take what you want from who you want? Only you know these answers, but here is one you can answer: Who are you?

Fallout Raising Storm